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PestWest Quantum® Shatterproof Tubes

PestWest Quantum® Shatterproof Tubes

PestWest Quantum® Shatterproof Tubes

High Performance and Safety.

The majority of the UVA light output of Quantum® tubes is concentrated in the spectrum between 350-380 nanometers. Extensive scientific research sponsored by PestWest and carried out at the University of Birmingham in the UK proved that this is the most attractive spectrum for urban flies. In 1997 PestWest approached Sylvania Lighting International (SLI) to apply the knowledge obtained from this research and after a 2 year development and trials period the Quantum® tube was born.

Optimised Spectral Distribution

Quantum® tubes meet the most environmentally responsible standards and comply with the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation, under which the manufacture of BL350 tubes has been banned in Europe for environmental reasons. Quantum® tubes are manufactured to the highest quality using the latest waterbased phosphor technology.

UVA light emitted from tubes varies greatly depending on the type of phosphors used and the quality of the manufacturing process. The wrong phosphor mix and any lack of quality control leads to very low product performance.

The special phosphor mix used in Quantum® tubes and a quality control system to international standards give high initial UVA output while maintaining more UVA light over the tube’s lifetime (see graph below). As a result, PestWest Quantum® tubes guarantee the user highly effective performance throughout their entire life-span.

Degradation of UVA output with time

Not all shatterproof coatings are the same because their quality depends on the material used.

PestWest Quantum® shatterproof tubes are coated with a high quality FEP shatterproof coating which has an excellent UVA-transmission of around 95%.

The FEP coating also features excellent impact resistance and guaranteed glass retention. It will not melt, flake, discolour nor drip and complies with international standard IEC 61549 for shatterproof tube coatings.