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Chameleon® EXG

Chameleon® EXG - PestWest Electronics
Chameleon® EXG – PestWest ElectronicsChameleon® EXG

Chameleon® EXG

This custom-designed unit has been exclusively engineered to allow protection in ATEX areas where gas and vapour are present such as: distilleries and in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Chameleon® EXG is designed to comply with exacting ATEX standards (ATEX Directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC) and is made from the highest quality materials to give a fully corrosion-resistant construction using 304-brushed stainless steel and Marine-grade aluminium alloy. It is suitable for use in zones 2 and 1 – atmospheres where flammable gases/vapours are likely to arise and zones 22 and 21 – atmospheres where combustible dust/powder may be present.

H: 80cm W: 90cm D: 30cm

• 14.5Kg

• Wall mounted: 120m2

• Stainless Steel and Aluminum alloy

Tube Data
• 2 x 18-Watt PestWest Quantum® tubes
• Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP