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Demi Diamond & Pheromones

Demi Diamond & Pheromones
Demi DiamondDemi DiamondDemi Diamond & PheromonesPheromones

Demi Diamond & pheromones

Small flying insect monitoring system

  • DISCREET and reusable monitoring station to attract and capture target insects e.g. Fruit fly (Drosophila) among many others
  • Glue board technology for easy identification and MONITORING
  • PestWest brand slow release phermone glue boards available – excellent at controlling Indian meal moth (Esphestia/Plodia) and clothes moth (Tineola/Bisselliella) in convenient pocket sized sachet packs
  • Can be wall-mounted or stood upright on a flat surface, underneath bar tops for ONE GLANCE monitoring
  • Small reservoir (3ml) at the bottom of the monitor means a variety of attractants of your choice can be added to maximize the monitor
  • Demi-Diamond Boards can be retained to provide an accurate record of infestation levels and insect types for HACCP audits
  • Ideal for supermarkets, pet stores, restaurants, homes, delis, convenience stores and many more
  • COMBO Pak – 10 stations, 50 replacement glue boards for easy inventory management and economy


Please click HERE to download
Demi Diamond Trap – Safety Data Sheet.
Please click HERE to download
Fruit Fly Glue Pad – Safety Data Sheet.
Please click HERE to download
Glue Pad For Ephestia/Plodia-Stored Product Moths
– Safety Data Sheet
Please click HERE to download
Glue Pad For Tineola Bisselliela-Clothes Moth
– Safety Data Sheet

Add your own bar code for tracking or a company label to personalize the monitors.
Walk-by monitoring systems: A new concept.

The early detection of pests is critical in maintaining a pest free environment in food manufacturing, storage and retail. Most monitoring devices are inspected by the pest management professional during their routine visits, usually 4-6 weekly intervals. Problems can arise between these routine checks in that infestations may remain undetected.

Walk-by monitoring encourages regular checks and quick inspection by both pest management professional and their customers, providing early detection of potential infestations. Systems should be placed in areas where they can easily be seen and inspected, at a glance, when just walking by.

It is recommended that the walk-by monitoring systems should be placed in a grid system for effective spatial monitoring.

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