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Glue Boards and Reflectobakt® Sleeves

Glue Boards and Reflectobakt® Sleeves
Glue BoardsPestWest Black BoardsReflectobakt<sup>®</sup> Sleeves

Glue Boards and Reflectobakt® Sleeves

Not all glue boards are the same.

PestWest boards are double-sealed, front and back, to protect against moisture absorption, in steamy or high moisture environments such as kitchens etc.

This avoids the problem of the board warping with time. As a special glue is used on the PestWest boards, the glue stays on the board and not on your hands or clothes, if accidentally touched. Other cheaper, inferior boards often have wet glues that can be very messy to handle. While wet glues appear very sticky to the touch, many of them form a very thin hard skin on the glue surface when in contact with air or UV light. This can prevent small insects from being trapped.

And that’s just the glue. We at PestWest have done extensive research to develop the high quality boards as they are today. Warping, moisture absorption/retardant, card matrix type, mold resistance, UV resistant glue type and the Universal boards that fit a wide variety of insect light trapping systems on the market today. All of which have been thought through and field tested with the average life of 60+ days in all Mantis brands, which is the reason these are packaged in 6-packs, not 12. This means lower investments on your part in both inventory and labor costs.

Over the years, the industry has used black as a standard color for their boards to conceal the catch. However as pest management evolved into a more sophisticated science the needs have changed and so have the board matrix types.

Add the small Demi-Diamond Indian meal moth or clothes moth pheromone sticky boards onto any PestWest ILT board for a multifunctional trapping system.

The effectiveness of the PestWest professional insect light traps are greatly increased due to two main features:

  • Classic premium glue boards offer some of the largest catch surface areas in the marketplace, enabling a greater catch per board while combining the versatility of a board that can be easily adjusted to fit the desired system
  • The glue boards are positioned so that they sit closer to the UV tube than other models, providing a more rapid catch and an exceptionally slimmer system
  • Universal glue boards 60-day (unless filled with insects) are available in black (BOAMAN853) or white (BOAMANWT) and fit a wide variety of insect light traps in the market. See enclosed cross reference chart for complete reference.
  • Gray grid matrix glue boards product code: BOAMAN867 for easy insect counting and monitoring. Boards can be retained to provide an accurate record for HACCP audits
  • Premium plastic glue boards BOAMAN872 (plastic) glue boards inhibit mold and ideal for high moisture areas
  • Extra large, 926 square inch (23 3/4″ x 19 1/2″ x 2-sided) glue boards (BOA4X4880) for the Mantis 4×4 system for extra protection
  • Thin designs and longer lasting glue boards are made possible thanks to the Reflectobakt® sleeve available in (1″) and T12 (1 1/2″). This sleeve shields the full-sized glue board from the drying effect of the UV light, thus making the systems more effective for longer periods of time.

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    to download Glue Boards – Safety Data Sheet.
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    Helpful Hint

    To get versatility out of our traps, use a Demi-Diamond pheromone glue board on top of the Mantis glue boards. You don’t lose any capture surface area AND you add value and have a multifunctional trap! See the Demi Diamond section on page 16 for details.

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