NOT WORKING? – Part 2. Electrical fly killers

Not working? – Part 2. Electrical fly killers

After reviewing the most common technical issues with electronic sticky traps it is time to give some attention to the electronic fly killers. These pest control units attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them. Like every equipment, electronic fly killers need attention and care in order to perform to their best ability and be durable. But there is nothing to worry about – as you will see, many of the most common technical issues are not of severe nature and can be quickly and easily resolved.


  • Please switch off the machine and unplug it before handling it.
  • Only test the killing grid with a specially designed grid tester tool.


  • Most PestWest units have a series connected lamp circuit, meaning that failure of either one starter or one tube will prevent all of the tubes working.
  • For high voltage units with a killing grid the safety micro-switch always disconnects both the lighting circuit and the high voltage circuit simultaneously.


Lamps not starting and Killing Grid not working, orange ‘Power On’ indicator is NOT illuminated (for units fitted with this indicator)No Power to unitCheck if orange ‘Power On’ indicator is illuminated. If not, then check supply cord & fuse.
Lamps not starting and Killing Grid not working, orange ‘Power On’ indicator IS illuminated (for units fitted with this indicator)Safety micro-switch is not activatedCheck that the part activating the switch is correctly in place, usually the catch-tray or the front guard.
Lamps not starting, killing grid is working and the orange ‘Power On’ indicator is illuminatedProblem with lighting circuit. Lamps or starters are not fitted properly or dislodgedCheck Lamps and starters are fitted properly – see instructions.
Wrong Lamps or starters fittedCheck Lamps and starters are the correct type
LAMP TYPE: see instructions
Defective lamp or starterChange lamps and starters
Defective ballast or wiringRepair away from site
Lamps working, killing grid not workingKilling grid not fitted properly or dislodgedCheck fitment of the killing grid if it is removable. Ensure it is making a connection at the top of the killing grid with the high voltage connectors.
Defective TransformerRepair away from site
Lamps not starting, lamp ends glow continuouslyDefective starterChange starters
Lamps not starting, flickering due to starting attemptsLamp defect or at end of lifeChange lamps and starters

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