Not working? – Part 2. Electrical fly killers

NOT WORKING? – Part 2. Electrical fly killers

After reviewing the most common technical issues with electronic sticky traps it is time to give some attention to the electronic fly killers. These pest control units attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them. Like every equipment, electronic fly killers need attention and care in order to perform to their best ability and be durable. But there is nothing to worry about – as you will see, many of the most common technical issues are not of severe nature and can be quickly and easily resolved.
itan® 200 IP. Prepare the perfect killer for work.

Titan® 200 IP. Prepare the perfect killer for work.

A perfect killer will stand in the rain for hours to do the assigned job and is strong enough to eliminate multiple targets within 160m². A perfect killer wears black and doesn’t stand out from a common street lamp. Its name? Titan 200 IP. We prepared a short video for you to help you through the process of installation and servicing. Soon you will see, that shortly after opening the transportation box, the Titan 200 IP can be left alone to do what it does best – killing flies… whatever the weather!
NOT WORKING? First aid for chameleons

NOT WORKING? First aid for chameleons

Even robust Chameleon® models can sometimes experience tough times. Knowing the most common issues and solutions can often save you time and money. Our short overview will help you establish the diagnosis and choose the best remedy.
PestWest - What do you know about the safety of UV light?

What do you know about the safety of UV light?

Does “black light” have an impact on human health? Can a UV light trap harm me or my clients and employees? What safety norms should I have in mind when choosing the right technology for my business? Innovative technology can raise a lot of justified questions and you are right to seek the answers.
PestWest The 6-easy dos and don'ts of siting a fly trap

The 6-easy dos and don’ts of siting a fly trap

This is one of the most frequent asked questions by customers – where and how high to mount a pest control unit to ensure its best performance. If you follow these quick rules you will never feel unsure how to proceed with the fly trap siting.
PestWest What about bugs and men?

What about bugs and men?

All about bugs and men! Welcome to our big and very exciting project! You have probably already discovered this new section on our web site and have wondered what it will all be about. Well, it’s time to finally start this new challenge and reveal our secret – “Of bugs and men” is our new web magazine about science and insects, about innovation and design of pest control solutions and about PestWest of course.
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