PestWest - What do you know about the safety of UV light?

What do you know about the safety of UV light?

Does “black light” have an impact on human health? Can a UV light trap harm me or my clients and employees? What safety norms should I have in mind when choosing the right technology for my business? Innovative technology can raise a lot of justified questions and you are right to seek the answers.

PestWest The 6-easy dos and don'ts of siting a fly trap

The 6-easy dos and don’ts of siting a fly trap

This is one of the most frequent asked questions by customers – where and how high to mount a pest control unit to ensure its best performance. If you follow these quick rules you will never feel unsure how to proceed with the fly trap siting.

PestWest What about bugs and men?

What about bugs and men?

All about bugs and men! Welcome to our big and very exciting project! You have probably already discovered this new section on our web site and have wondered what it will all be about. Well, it’s time to finally start this new challenge and reveal our secret – “Of bugs and men” is our new web magazine about science and insects, about innovation and design of pest control solutions and about PestWest of course.

Stick with PestWest

Stick with PestWest

The PestWest Glue Board Range features:
- Laminated board construction eliminates warping and facilitates servicing
- Insect retention and UVA resistance are optimised
- Easy to install with a fast release contact paper
- No moisture penetration ensuring a conformal glue coating for improved insect retention
- Used as part of an IPM program, this comprehensive range includes grey monitoring boards with tabulated grid pattern to facilitate insect counting and identification
- Solvent-free glue and use of recycled cardboard reduces negative environmental impact
- Long shelf life to minimise stocking issues

Time for the changes

Time for the changes

At this time of year it is important to consider how well the fly control units for which you are responsible in your facilities are performing to the best of their ability.


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