Sales motivation: Opportunities for increasing flying insect control services

Opportunities for increasing flying insect control services

By Nicole Roemer

There are many opportunities in the area of pest control. Establishing a purpose, determining a need, providing a solution, overcoming objections, obtaining a commitment and perpetual support are essential to sales success. But how can this be achieved with all the competing services needed by customers?

If a PCO is currently servicing an account that has evidence of filth flies, they must convert this evidence to “opportunity.” The customer may have a reason for not adding flying insect control services. Through questioning, discover how to better understand the situation. Explain the benefits of UVA systems (Sticky traps & EFKs) for monitoring or low-level detection and species identification as well as being key to hygiene. If cost is a concern, discuss the option of leasing over purchasing. Demonstrate proper placement and the science of flying insect control. With increased client awareness, the PCO is prepared to answer the tough questions. “Knowledge is power.”

As a professional, it is important to show and discuss services that benefit the end user. For example, a restaurant has filth flies hovering in the dining area or kitchen. For the restaurant, this may results in a serious loss of business. If the PCO is already on call and servicing the facility, different situations can be pointed out and alternatives discussed (both to fit the needs of the restaurant manager).

If cost is a concern, discuss the option of leasing over purchasing

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