Sticky Boards & Reflectobakt® Sleeves

Sticky Boards & Reflectobakt® Sleeves


Sticky Boards & Reflectobakt® Sleeves

The PestWest range of outstanding sticky boards ensure effectiveness and ease of service to provide a difference that sets them apart from the rest.

The effectiveness and ease of service of PestWest sticky boards are achieved by using high quality raw materials and a production process that matches the specific features of our UV fly control units.

PestWest glue board models are designed so the glue boards sit closer to the UV tube than competing models, providing a more rapid catch. This is possible thanks to the introduction of the Reflectobakt® sleeve, which makes the units more effective for longer periods of time.

Reflectobakt® sleeves are featured in all the Chameleon® range of sticky traps, except for the Uplight, Sirius and EXG models.

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