Professional Sticky Traps
Professional Sticky Traps

PestWest Professional Sticky Traps are high quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs. The slim-line designs enable glue boards to be placed closer to the UV tubes improving catch rates, whilst PestWest Reflectobakt® sleeves shield the board from the drying effect of the UV tubes.

With a PestWest sticky trap the insects are secured allowing units to be placed closer to sensitive areas. They do not have an electric killing grid making them silent, discreet and hygienic whilst catching all sizes of insects, including smaller species such as Fruit Flies.

All units feature:

  • Quantum® shatter resistant tubes coated with industry compliant FEP for maximum attraction and significantly reduced risk of contamination from glass breakages.
  • Full-size sticky board to effectively catch even the smallest flies.
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop-down guard and front covers – no tool service
  • Reflectobakt® sleeves increase attractiveness to insects, significantly slow the drying of the sticky board and allow longer board life and slimmer design.
  • Interchangeable tubes and sticky boards on all units to minimise stocking requirements.
  • All metal construction means longer lasting models for years of reliable service.

All PestWest units are CE marked and carry the required European approvals. All models come with a 3-year guarantee (excluding consumables).


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