Confidence in Control

PestWest Professional Flying Insect Management Products

Supporting you with a comprehensive range of professional flying insect management systems.

PestWest products are significant part of several Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) accreditation programs. Contact us for details.

It isn’t magic that brings excellence to a company; excellence is the result of commitment and hard work by dedicated and experienced people. Whether we’re talking about products or processes, no wizardry or easy formulas will solve the challenges of tomorrow, our people will.
PestWest cares about its employees and customers and understand that both are the foundation of our success.
We appreciate your continued support!

Innovation, quality & power

Innovation, quality, and power are key components in all PestWest UVA Systems. Combining excellent value with the expertise of both leading biologists and technicians, PestWest provides you a diverse range of professional, specialized UVA Systems.

Science & technology

By merging science with technology, PestWest systems are designed to the highest specification whilst always keeping the end user in mind, saving you time and money.

Flying insect control

PestWest is passionate about flying insect management; we guarantee you will receive UVA systems that are both engineered and manufactured according to industry leading standards.

Ask Dr Mitchell

Put your questions & comments to our resident entomologist.

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