Bugged by Asian Lady beetles? We’ve got a wonderful solution!

Bugged by Asian Lady beetles? We’ve got a wonderful solution!

Fall Pest Alert – Asian Lady Bug

Pest: Asian Lady beetle or Multicolored Asian Lady beetle,
Harmonia axyridis (meaning: absurd circle in harmony)


Adults are 4 to 8 mm.
Variable elytra coloration with no spots or up to 10 spots. Yellow pronotum possesses up to 5 black spots forming an M-shape or trapezoid pattern. Larvae are black with bi-lateral orange sawtoothed bands. Pupae are orange with bi-lateral black markings.


Adults and larvae prey upon aphids and scale insects and serve as beneficial when not a structural nuisance. A nuisance pest when en masse aggregations form on and within structures. Adults are observed year-round in warm climates, and can overwinter within structures in colder climates.

When threatened, Asian Lady beetle will reflex bleed. This is a defensive behavior consisting of an exuded noxious fluid. Consisting of haemolymph and noxious chemicals, fluid flows through exoskeleton pores.


The PestWest Asian Lady Beetle Lure has a powerful calling behavior or sex pheromone lure to attract male Asian Lady beetles. The lure is sold separately and is a wonderful add-on to the PestWest Window Wonder Trap. Additionally, lure can be added to PestWest insect light trap* (ILT) quality glue boards. Finally, exclude beetles by sealing exterior openings, and application of a properly labeled insecticide (chemical fence).

Asian Lady beetle is a nuisance pest. As temperatures drop, beetles invade structures to over-winter. On sunny, warmer days, beetles are observed on western and southern windows and both within, and emerging from, structural spaces.

  • Place Window Wonder traps with Asian Lady Beetle Lure year-round, but in greater numbers during the early fall.
  • Place Window Wonder traps containing Asian Lady Beetle Lure(s) as to not come in contact with children and pets.
  • Place Window Wonder traps at bases of windows (especially on western and southern exposures).
  • Replace Window Wonder trap glue boards when filled with beetles and/or other insects or when overly dusty.
  • Replace Asian Lady Beetle Lure every 30 days.
  • Store Asian Lady Beetle Lure in a dry, well-ventilated, and cool space.
  • Do not smoke or eat prior to handling Asian Lady Beetle Lure.
  • Wash hands before and after handling Asian Lady Beetle Lure.

Product codes:
110-000590: Window wonder
110-000618: Asian Lady Bug lure

Ask your favorite distributor or call 866 476 7378 for more details.

*Prior to any attic or spatial deployments of PestWest ILT systems, check and comply with all electrical and fire codes.
Deploy all ILT systems per PestWest Instructions for Use.

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