BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE! GET YOUR Bio-gel+® FREE with purchases of PestWest insect light traps!

Buy $5000 worth of PestWest ILTs and get $250 worth of Bio-gel+® free!

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You will then receive your selection of Bio-gel+® products for free from PestWest.

You can use free Bio-gel+® products to generate additional revenue:

• Use free Bio-gel+® as a giveaway(s) to attract new customers.

• Use free Bio-gel+® to provide one month of free resource cleaning service to an existing customer (sign them up for the rest of the year).

• Use free Bio-gel+® within an existing resource cleaning service (increase your margin).

• Use free Bio-gel+® to start a new resource cleaning service. Don’t know how? Contact us for free training on resource cleaning.

Limited time offer, valid for orders placed  before 12/31/2022
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service at 941 358 1983 or email customerservice@pestwest.com

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Terms and Conditions apply
• Applies to purchases of PestWest branded insect light traps only.
• Does not apply to purchases of lamps, glue boards, and other accessories.
• For U.S. domestic PCOs and end users only.
• PestWest reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
• Void where prohibited.

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