Buy Quantum get BioGel free

Buy Quantum get BioGel free

Limited time offer: Feb 1st – Apr 15th, 2016

Promotion apply only for all PestWest Quantum branded lamps.
Order unit: Full case quantity for each type of lamp.
Each order quantity needs to be no less than 100 (4 cases) or 500 (20 cases) of mixed Quantum lamps.

(E.g.: You can mix 15w, 25w and other Quantum lamps for a total quantity of 100 or 500 quantity for each order, but need to be full case of 15w or 25w lamps)
Free Bio-Gel will be shipped with your order.
Promotion is for domestic U.S. customers only.

For additional details contact your favorite distributor or call 866.476.7378

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