Focus on fly Series 1 – House fly

Annoyed by more flies in this hot summer? Our Dr. Mitchell is releasing Focusing On Fly Series to help you manage your fly problem. Let's start with the most common housefly first.

Even with social distancing PMPs can stay close to pesky rodents

Even with social distancing PMPs can stay close to pesky rodents. By Dr. Stuart Mitchell With the unprecedented events and challenges that COVID-19 is placing upon public health, and the designation of pest management services as essential, pest management professionals are now, more than ever, on the front lines to protect public health, the food supply, home, and structures. With social distancing as the primary way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, unprecedented logistical challenges emerge pursuant to accessing facilities to conduct ongoing pest control services. However, even with social distancing PMPs can stay close to pesky rodents. With the Xignal Remote Sensing System, facilities can be remotely monitored for movement and capture of mice, rats, and urban wildlife, opening and closing doors, and even temperature and humidity. With a one-time deployment of the Xignal System, real-time monitoring of pest activity without physical presence within a facility is established. This provides the PMP critical decision-making information to determine if service is necessary (maintaining social distancing), and provides the facility client assurance that pesky rodents do not threaten sensitive operations. The Xignal Remote Sensing System Detect:...
Pesky Flies

Pesky Flies 6.0

Flies are flying infections, contaminating every surface landed upon. Understanding both the life cycles and habits of filth flies is the first step in solving these pestiferous problems.
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