Unique and decorative solutions.

To compliment the PestWest range of professional flying insect management products, these systems have been designed specifically for areas where fly control should be hidden from view. Their unique and decorative front covers hide the glue board and insect catch, providing discreet and environmentally friendly fly control, ideal for domestic and front-of-house applications.

These systems are manufactured with standard (non-shatter resistant) lamps, since they are typically in front of house applications and/or non regulated as in food handling areas. Shatter resistant lamps are readily available as an optional item. This excludes the On-Top Pro2 which includes shatter resistant lamps. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, dining rooms, hospitals and all public areas where flying insect management should be hidden from view.

The private labeling aspect personalizes the systems even further to your unique aesthetic requirements.

Ultra discreet products are virtually invisible. These products are so discreet that patrons in restaurants (and most employees) don’t even have a clue this is an insect light trapping system. They blend into the environment so well, you may even forget they’re there.

The no-zap, no fallout designs utilize supreme Quantum technology to ensure the no nonsense attraction to these traps. No chemicals or additional synthesized attractants are used to assist in LEED sustainable buildings.

The unique, “why didn’t I think of that” designs, are complex and highly effective in managing photo positive insects. The OTP2 fits perfectly in an overhead ceiling tile disguised as a normal ceiling light. Fools ‘em every time.

PestWest products are significant parts of several Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) accreditation programs. Contact us for details.

It isn’t magic that brings excellence to a company; excellence is the result of commitment and hard work by dedicated and experienced people. Whether we’re talking about products or processes, no wizardry or easy formulas will solve the challenges of tomorrow, our people will.

PestWest cares about its employees and customers and understand that both are the foundation of success.

We appreciate your continued support!

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