Do you know how to do a glue board analysis?

To help PCOs and PMPs, PestWest has launched the complimentary service of analyzing fly light trap glue boards. What follows describes one of the glue boards we recently received (see the image below). An analysis of fly activity within an office.

• Location: office
• Fly trap model: flyDetect (Fluorescent UVA)
• Glue board type: PestWest yellow
• Primary pest: Phorid fly
• Quantity: about 110
• Threshold or tolerance level: exceeded
• Risk: contamination
• Potential sources: to the right of the fly trap placement; garbage disposal(s), refrigerator condensation tray(s), trash can(s), floor drain(s), mop(s), and potted plants
• Control: physical and mechanical; locate the sources and monitor
• Resource clean with Bio-gel®

Our entomologist, Dr. Stuart Mitchell, identified Phorid flies as the primary pest captured on the glue board. A humpbacked appearance is a key feature to identify Phorid flies.

Now that you know the fly species, how do you get rid of the flies?

The direction of Phorid fly captures suggests a source(s) may be to the right of the fly trap location. With a quantity of about 110 Phorid fly captures distributed over 100% of the 144 in2 adhesive area, there is a density of 0.76 flies/in2, which suggests a medium level of activity. Phorid fly activity that exceeds the threshold of tolerance, presents a risk of contamination, and increases rapidly over time. Control should be implemented to eliminate the Phorid fly presence.

The biology of Phorid flies suggests potential sources within an office environment. Sources include garbage disposal(s), refrigerator condensation tray(s), trash can(s), floor drain(s), mop(s), and/or potted plants.

During every service visit, resource clean using Bio-gel® or Bio-gel® Pro Foam in kitchen areas and within floor drains. Be sure to advise your client to keep other potential source areas clean and dry. Additionally, control through ongoing fly trap capture and monitoring to measure the need for changes in control.

Want to know what’s on your glue board? What are you waiting for? Simply click here to proceed.

Never throw away a fly trap glue board. Understanding what’s on your glue board is a critical part of IPM. Do the glue board math, arrest the pest, and keep the client. When you demonstrate your expertise, you prove your value to the client. That’s how you keep clients happy and loyal to you.

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