Focus on the Fly Series 1 – House fly

Flies are far more than an annoyance during hot summer months.
They can be deadly.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell, Principal Technical Director PestWest USA,
authors “The Focus On The Fly Series” to help you manage your fly problems.

Let’s start with the most common fly first.

House fly, Musca domestica

House flies or flying infections are mechanical vectors of many diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, and tuberculosis. Translocating pathogens, House flies can freely move from filth to food. Fly spots or saliva and feces are produced while flies are active upon surfaces.

House fly is 0.40” long, weighs 0.0004 oz., and possesses a thorax with four longitudinal stripes. The fourth wing vein bends sharply forward (almost reaching the third vein). Flight speed is 4.5 mph with 15 mph bursts, generally most active 2pm to 4pm, live up to 60 days, disperse 65’ to 27 miles, see with mosaic vision, hear-feel with bodily hairs, communicate with pheromones, taste with feet, and smell-locate malodors with antennae.

House flies land upon food sources, and with sponge-like mouthparts, ingest saliva liquefied food particles less than 0.0017”. Female adult House flies can place 75 to 150 eggs in moist, fermenting, or putrefying material such as excrement or rotting vegetable matter.

  • Identify the species first!
  • Remove sources of fly activity (practice good hygiene)
  • Exclude flies through fly-proofing (fly screens)
  • Install numerous insect light traps (ILTs)
  • Install numerous Window Wonder Traps at window bases (especially southern and western exposures-pheromone compatible)

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