Focus on the Fly Series – Fungus Gnats

FLY CONTROL: Protect your facility from pesky Fungus gnats through intuitive control

Fungus gnats both frequent unsanitary sites, increasing the potential of contaminating sensitive operations, and offend of our sensibilities.

What’s the attraction?

Quickly developing large infestations, Fungus gnats are persistently pestiferous, with a strong attraction to over-watered plants and plant-scape features. Other attractions include decaying vegetation, feces, fungus, and rotting cellulose.

Fungus gnat ID:

• Length: 0.23”
• Wingspan: 0.59”
• Head color: black
• Thorax: humped appearing
• Wings with few veins (Y-shaped cell within the central area).

Use the PestWest Insect Identification chart to help:

Where’s the infestation?

Fungus gnats place eggs in soil, rotting vegetation, and other sources. Larvae emerge to feed upon fungi. Within greenhouses and commercial mushroom houses, Fungus gnat species are agricultural pests. Along structural exteriors, Fungus gnats exploit repetitively layered and irrigated mulch areas as well as bird droppings. Within interior spaces, Fungus gnats exploit plants and moisture intrusion from flat-roof delayed maintenance. Moisture intrusion evidences as staining, bubbling or peeling paint, and displaced wall-coverings. Additionally, since attracted to light, such as computer screens and facial secretions, Fungus gnats are a significant nuisance to inhabitants.

Fly control

  • Always identify the species first!
  • Source of infestation: within interior spaces remove electrical outlet covers, and place tooth-pick-pierced plastic bags over the outlets as Fungus gnats will follow airflow and light into the bags.
  • Remove sources of gnat activity, such as excess moisture, and replace live plants with synthetic arrangements.
  • Exclude gnats through fly-proofing, such as fly screens
  • Install numerous insect light traps (ILTs).

What’s the best insect light trap?

Back of house efficient and reliable systems, designed for kitchen, storage, receiving area, warehouse, and many other sensitive spaces. Systems include Mantis 1×2, Mantis 2×2, Mantis Vega, and if no wall-space, no problem, the Mantis On Top Pro ES.

Front of house, aesthetically pleasing designs that blend into decor. Stand-alone, wall, or ceiling mounted systems for any front of house lobby, dining room, bar, and many other sensitive spaces. Systems include the Sunburst series, Mantis Vega, Mantis Sirius, Mantis Uplight, and if more power, no problem, the Mantis Uplight Max36.

If wet areas, no problem! For commercial kitchens and bars, the exclusive Mantis 1x2IP, which possesses an IP66 rating (protected against water jets, and no ingress of dust). Optimum flying insect control within wet and dusty environments.

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