Fruit fly Drosophila spp

Fruit fly Infestations often indicate inadequate hygiene and drainage problems.

How do you get rid of fruit flies?

Dr. Stuart Mitchell continues the Focus on the Fly series – Fruit fly.

Fruit fly, Drosophila spp.

Fruit flies or flying infections are mechanical vectors of pathogens. Fruit flies frequent unsanitary sites, increasing the potential of translocating contaminants from filth to food. Quickly developing large infestations, Fruit flies are persistently pestiferous within commercial kitchens and bars due to a strong attraction to fermentation sites or production of alcohol (ethanol), Lactic acid, Hydrogen gas (H2), and Carbon dioxide (CO2) from waste vegetation.

Fruit fly is 0.15” long, and yellowish-brown with a darkly-striped abdomen. Prominent compound eyes are generally red in color with darker variants. Wings have two clear notches in the front border. Each female adult Fruit fly places 400 to 900 eggs over numerous sites (batches of 15 to 25).

Fruit fly Infestations often indicate inadequate hygiene and drainage problems. A concurrent resource cleaning (RC) program to maintain consistent environmental hygiene is essential.


  • Identify the species first!
  • Source of infestation (fermentation sites)
  • Remove sources of fly activity (a resource cleaning program)
  • Exclude flies through fly-proofing (fly screens)
  • Monitor flies with Demi-Diamond Fruit fly traps
  • Install numerous insect light traps (ILTs)
  • Install numerous Window Wonder Traps at window bases (especially southern and western exposures-pheromone compatible)

For the Demi-Diamond Fruit fly trap 30 ml bait reservoir, attractants of malted vinegar and red wine are conveniently available in most kitchens. Demi-Diamond Fruit fly traps are easily placed within areas where electricity is not easy to access.

Insect light traps/Fly lights/Fly traps

Back of house efficient and reliable systems, designed for kitchen, storage, receiving area, warehouse, and many other sensitive spaces. Systems include Mantis 1×2, Mantis 2×2, Mantis Vega, and if no wall-space, no problem, the Mantis On Top Pro ES.

Front of house, aesthetically pleasing designs that blend into decor. Stand-alone, wall, or ceiling mounted systems for any front of house lobby, dining room, bar, and many other sensitive spaces. Systems include the Sunburst series, Mantis Vega, Mantis Sirius, Mantis Uplight, and if more power, no problem, the Mantis Uplight Max36.

If wet areas, no problem! For commercial kitchens and bars, the exclusive Mantis 1x2IP, which possesses an IP66 rating (protected against water jets, and no ingress of dust). Optimum filth fly control within wet and dusty environments.

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