Dos & Don’ts: Fruit Flying Infection Fundamentals

Fruit Flying Infection Fundamentals

Flying insect control is not just dealing with an “annoyance.” Public health can be threatened, and business interruption possible, via the presence of Fruit flying infections.” Real control is a function of knowing the Fruit flying infection fundamentals.

  • Do interview your client to gather detailed information regarding Fruit fly pressures and possible sources (demonstrates your genuineness and professionalism).
  • Do determine the fly species.
  • Do conduct a floor temperature survey using a laser thermometer (⟩70°F favors Fruit fly emergence and ⟨60° does not).
  • Do recommend employing a service provider for linens, rags,
    and mops.
  • Do suggest routine cleaning within elevator pits, sump lifts, under loading docks, and the surface of dumpster pads (a written cleaning schedule).
  • Don’t allow expensive produce to spoil (bring to mind storing within refrigeration as there is always room).
  • Don’t overlook cleaning of refuse containers (emphasize daily cleaning and use trash bags).
  • Don’t tolerate delayed maintenance issues such as plumbing leaks, cracks in flooring, and divides in wall-coverings (insist on repairs).
  • Don’t accept holes in window and door screens (replace or repair using 16 mesh screen).
  • Don’t ignore landscape irrigation systems (encourage proper watering calibration).

Competent interventions result from knowing the fundamental Dos and Don’ts. Effective interventions deliver both long-term, referring customers and recurring revenue![/box]

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PestWest Newsletter 411 - Issue 22

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