Who Knows The Most About Your Customer’s Wants/Needs?

Who Knows The Most About Your Customer’s Wants/Needs?

By Gary Williamson

Whenever we approach a prospect, whether a potential customer or an existing client, we want to find out how our company’s services may be of benefit. We want to know what kind of pest related problems exist in their accounts, but more importantly, how those problems cost the customer money, cause difficulties, present risks, or drive their customers away.

The best way to identify problems and their effect on the prospect is to ask questions. We know that our knowledge of pest-control is one of the most important “products” we have to sell, and we would like to tell the customer all of the things that make our company, and us, better than our competition. The problem is if the customer doesn’t understand the cost of his or her own problem, he or she probably doesn’t understand, or care, about the knowledge and skills we bring to the table.

On the “front end of the sale” we need to remember to do more asking and less telling. We need to understand the problems faced by the prospect and how those problems negatively impact his or her business (before we can justify the cost of our solution). Learning about the customer and helping with their needs improves trust and makes our solution, their solution.

Know the prospect’s business, ask questions about pest risks and costs, and offer solutions that offset those risks and costs. Prospects know what it takes to sell them, just help them to understand.

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