Marvelous Micros (MBG)!

Marvelous Micros (MBG)!

(By Scott Baldwin, ACE)  

Prior to selling the F&Bs of MBG, first effectively understand the product, and secondly, determine target prospects. Superior understanding leads to superior sales.

Let’s start with the definition of MicroBlend G (MBG)

MicroBlend G is an ultra-fine, super- concentrated, dry formulation, water-soluble Bac-Pac or bulk powder engineered to digest organic “sludge.” Ultra fine powder is engineered to reduce or eliminate common wastewater organics. MBG is strategically engineered on a “food ready” base to further reduce sludge, such as animal and vegetable fat, oil, and grease buildup. Lowering overall sludge buildup provides a balanced microbiological population that avoids upsets. Bio-Gel/ MicroBlend G performs well in all environments, including low oxygen.

  • Ultra high concentration bacterial count
  • Not sensitive to wide temperature variations
  • Wide range of degradation capabilities and odor remediation
  • Aides in organic debris composting
  • Developed to easily calculate dosage needed for lagoons and large spraying systems

The MBG Bac-Pac is designed to conveniently “toss” into lagoons for both odor and gray/black water reductions. Dosage calculations are based upon the number of gallons within the body of water. Bac-Pacs can be flushed down a toilet to aid optimum septic system function.

MBG bulk ultra fine powder is engineered for many uses; including reduction of moisture-rich organic masses around manure piles, watering units near livestock pens, calf hutches, stables, swine and equine barns, manure pits within egg laying establishments, dumpsters, heavy organic build up on concrete, and many others. MBG can be strategically applied with a sprayer (constant agitation is essential to efficacy).

MicroBlend G is one of many of PestWest’s advanced, biologically engineered products. Superior bioremediation products to enable any advanced resource-cleaning program.

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PestWest Newsletter 411 - Issue 23

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