Off Season Sales

Off Season Sales

By Scott Baldwin

What does a salesperson sell during the slow time of the season? The answer can be either complex or simple depending upon how approached. After the long “sales season” it is very easy to let your guard down or just relax a little. This is especially true when the slow or down season is right after the busy holiday season and New Year. A few simple steps can produce BACK-TO-BACK successful seasons as opposed to just ONE.

NEVER QUIT! Just after the busy holiday season is a critical time for product update meetings with your customer’s inside and outside sales representatives. Business is usually slower this time of year and they may have more time to listen to your information.

With every New Year there are some form of product updates (either with existing products or new products being rolled out). If there are any price changes, this may be the time to inform your customer.

During product updates, you may be able to ask questions regarding the customer’s direction and goals. It is imperative that your goals are similar to achieve mutual success.

Product updates are a great time to discuss future forecasts. You must meet with both distributors and end-users to secure business commitments.

Additionally, look over your upcoming schedule and fill in appointments or seminars that are already set. Be sure to fill in potential appointments that may be in the same geographical area.

There is no single way to be successful in sales; there are many. Remember that your personality is different from that of others so work from your strong points. Look ahead, have a plan, and then work that plan. This will assure your coming year and many successful “selling seasons” to come.

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