Pesky Flies 6.0

Pesky Flies

Pesky Flies 6.0

By Dr. Stuart Mitchell
515.333.8923 Cell

61st Annual Delaware Pest Control Association Short Course
• Wednesday, February 19, 2020
• 11:00am to 12:00pm
• Clayton Hall, University of Delaware

Flies are flying infections, contaminating every surface landed upon. Understanding both the life cycles and habits of filth flies is the first step in solving these pestiferous problems.

Intuitive placement of ILT monitoring and control systems is key in developing an effective pest management plan. In this 60-minute session, pest management professionals will learn about pesky flies and innovative methods for their management.


  1. Public Health Significance
  2. Flying Infections
  3. IPM: Account Type + Pest(s) – Restrictions = Control Measures
  4. Correct Species Identification (Ento what?)
  5. Endophilic and Synanthropic Species
  6. Air Curtains
  7. Master Cleaning Schedule
  8. Fly Visual Perception
  9. The Appliance of Science: Insect Light Traps
  10. Questions

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