PestWest EDGEucational Brief – 03.2014

PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 03.2014

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

By James Shaffer and Dr. Stuart Mitchell

“Mad About Recycling!”

Mercury (Hg) is an essential component of fluorescent lighting (including “green-tip” and compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs). In addition, not only is Mercury contained within insect light trap lamps, but all overhead lighting as well. Lamps must be managed correctly when removed from service. The Mercury content in one, 4’ fluorescent lamp can potentially contaminate enough water to fill a 20-acre lake. Over 500,000,000 spent lamps are illegally thrown into dumpsters every year!

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Building managers may experience considerable challenges associated with spent bulbs and tubes disposals. Containing Mercury, and other harmful materials, fluorescent lamps, ballasts, and batteries are hazardous to both human health and the environment.

Recycling can pose a hazard. While in storage, or until sent to a recycling facility for disposal, used lamps can be broken causing significant contamination.

Both the federal government and all 50 states have enacted strict rules pursuant to recycling and disposal of overhead lighting lamps. Regulatory compliance failure places the environment and your company at great risk.

MADHATTER Lamp Recycling Program

  • A simple to use box system that is specifically designed to make recycling of spent fluorescent lamps easy.
  • Ensures that smaller quantities of spent fluorescent lamps are recycled in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Ideal for facilities with storage limitations therefore no need for large quantities of lamps to build up.
  • Allows purchase of recycling services based upon your individual premises needs.
  • Can handle spent lamps up to 8’.
  • One price includes everything you need.

With one call to PestWest, a MADHATTER box (designed specially for smaller quantities of lamps) will be shipped to you. The box comes with a return shipping label and instructions. Once the lamps are recycled, a Certificate of Recycling will be mailed to you.

Non-residential lamps are now banned from landfills nationwide. PestWest can help you see the light with both simple and cost effective solutions!

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PestWest EDGEucational Brief

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