PestWest EDGEucational Brief – 04.2014

PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 04.2014

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

By James Shaffer and Dr. Stuart Mitchell

“UV-Grade A Deployment!”

Of the broad electromagnetic spectrum, wavelengths visible to the human eye occupy a narrow band (approximately 700 nanometers or billionths of a meter for red light, down to about 400 nm for violet light). See Image A on next page. More specifically, the human eye is sensitive to around 540 nanometers or yellow-green light. The adjacent spectral regions to the visible band are also referred to as light (infrared at one end, and ultraviolet at the other). Through the use of electroretinogram (ERG) technology, researchers have demonstrated that a House fly’s compound eyes are quite sensitive to 365 nanometers of ultraviolet (UVA) light.

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

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For UV-Grade A site deployment of insect light traps (ILTs) and electronic fly killers (EFKs), factors of ambient light and UVA emission are essential.

Because the Inverse Square Law of Physics states basically that fluorescent lamp UVA light intensity decreases proportionately with the distance from the ILT or EFK, it is essential to have an accurate measurement of emitted UVA light. See image B to right.

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

  • For example, if there is a 3-fold increase in distance from the ILT, then there is a 9-fold decrease in intensity.
  • The UVA intensity decrease over distance is for an area equal to the size of the UVA source; therefore since a fly’s compound eyes are much smaller than an ILT or EFK, the decrease is somewhat less.

PestWest’s UV-AMETER
takes the UVA measurement at the correct distance from the ILT or EFK to assure maximum UVA light output. Based upon total lamp wattage, the meter must be pointed directly at the ILT or EFK from a specific distance (figure 1).

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

UVA light emitted from lamps at 365 nanometers diminishes with use and UVA light is invisible to the human eye. Lamps must remain on 24/7, 365 to reduce loss of UVA emission. To assure proper placement and maximum UVA emission, the UV-AMETER provides a calibrated reading thorough a moving bar of indicator LED lights (figure 2).

PestWest EDGEucational Brief

Assure UV-Grade A deployments! With your exclusive PestWest UV-AMETER, know before you glow! If the LEDs are in the green, your ILTs and EFKs can be seen!

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PestWest EDGEucational Brief

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