PestWest EDGEucational Brief – 06.2016

PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 06.2016

Prof. PestWest Discusses Identification, Distribution, Density & Direction

(By Dr. Stuart Mitchell)  

Glue Board Math: “These Per That,” never throw away an insect light trap (ILT) glue board as it is a goldmine of information and will tell you a pestiferous story.

Hello! I am Professor PestWest.

Welcome to this edition of PestWest EDGEucational Brief.

Tolerance of flies depends upon circumstances. Within sensitive environments such as food facilities, hospitals, and restaurants, even small numbers of flies cannot be tolerated. Within poultry or livestock production, some flies are inevitable. The threshold density for determining when to control flies depends upon the area where control measures will be taken.

The American Institute of Baking (AIB) states; “The facility documents the types and quantities of insects found within the light traps (glue boards and/or capture trays), and uses the information to identify and eliminate the source of activity.”

For glue boards, pestiferous activity is determined by identification of insect species as well as distribution, density, and direction of captured insects to evaluate threshold violations, define risks, and determine appropriate control measures.

A glue board containing a grid board must be installed to determine correct species identification; correct species distribution, correct species density, and correct species fight direction.

  • Identification is to species for correct determination of biology and behavior.
  • Distribution is the glue board surface area covered by a species.
  • Density is how full a specific region of glue board surface is covered by a species, such as low, medium, or high.
  • Direction is the flight path along which a species was moving when captured on the glue board.

A grid area provides a measured value for glue board math as a function of a “these per that.”

  • number of insects*
    number of grids = average insects/grid (these per that)
  • *Number of insects distributed over entire glue board adhesive surface area
  • number of insects**
    number of 1.70 in2 grids = average insects/1.70 in2 (these per
  • **PestWest Gray matrix glue board single grid has an area of 1.70 square inches or 10.98 square cm.

“Don’t Pass A Cold One!”

  • If temperatures are freezing or below, do not store lamps overnight in service vehicles or in unheated storage buildings.
  • Do not take cold lamps directly into an account for installation expecting them to work at peak performance or even start.
  • Bring lamps to room temperature prior to installation (without plugging-in UVA systems).
  • Conduct other service work; allowing lamps to acclimate to a warmer temperature.
  • Circle back after all work is completed and power up UVA systems for best results.

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