PestWest EDGEucational Brief – 03.2015

PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 03.2015

The Thinking Person’s Light Trap (ILT)

(By Dr. Stuart Mitchell)  

Insect light trap (ILT) long-term deployment preservation and optimum performance are a function of quality maintenance service. Your service is your signature of quality!

To properly and consistently service the PestWest Mantis®1×2 follow the SOP below.

The Thinking Person’s Light Trap (ILT) - PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 3.2015

  • Put on disposable (non-latex) gloves.
  • Be sure the Mantis® 1×2 is unplugged from the electrical wall supply.
  • Remove the bottom catch tray to gain access to the glue board and lamps.
  • Remove the glue board by holding it from the bottom (two hands) and pull down and out.
  • Do not dispose of the glue board (examine and identify captured insects for appropriate IPM process-keep the glue board for appropriate archive).
  • To access the lamps, open the guard by pushing it up and pulling it out (so it remains open).
  • Remove the Quantum® lamps by twisting each 90° and gently pull out.
  • If Reflectobakt® are on the lamps, remove and place on the new Quantum® lamps.
  • Clean system with a waterless, non-abrasive degreasing cleaner.
  • Put in (or replace) the two starters (if needed).
  • Insert the new Quantum® lamps with the Reflectobakt® curved covers pointed toward the glue board.
  • Attach the catch tray.
  • Plug in ILT.
  • Record the date on the ILT service schedule label.
  • Dispose of spent Quantum® lamps using PestWest’s exclusive Mad Hatter® lamp recycling program.

The Thinking Person’s Light Trap (ILT) - PestWest EDGEucational Brief - 3.2015

  • Per the table on the bottom of the UV-AMETER®, establish a distance from the ILT (the table indicates distance from the ILT based upon total wattage of the lamps).
  • Press A or S button to turn the meter on.
  • Turn the ILT off to measure the ambient or room light.
  • Point the meter at the ILT and press the A button.
  • The green LED 10 will blink indicating the meter has stored the room light measurement.
  • Turn on the ILT.
  • Point the meter directly at the ILT lamps (distance per the table on the bottom of the meter) and press the S button once.
  • The meter will measure the total UVA output of the ILT lamps and subtract the previous room light measurement.
  • The result will be displayed on one of the ten LED bar indicators (the red LED 1 will blink at the same time to indicate the UV-AMETER has performed the calculation correctly).
  • The result must be one of the green LED bar indicators for optimum UVA emission.
  • Remove disposable gloves and place in appropriate trash receptacle.

Your ILT deployment is now quality assurance ready for optimum fly capture. Know before you glow! If it’s in the green, it can be seen!

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PestWest EDGEucational Brief

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