Bio-Gel® Pro Kleen


Advanced floor cleaner and mop water additive

  • Advanced surfactants blended with superior microbial
    technology makes this product the preferred product
    for restaurants, hospitality, institutional, and industrial
  • Simply add it to mop water bucket and let it go to work!
  • Keeps mop heads fresher for longer.
  • Cleans organic debris build-up that causes foul odors. Quick dry and non-slippery formula.

Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Non-pathogenic, Non-caustic, Non-corrosive

Please click HERE to download Bio-Gel Pro Kleen – Data Sheet.

Putting billions of microbes to work, and leaving behind a fresh clean scent, Bio-Gel® brand cleaning products contain non-pathogenic bacteria that consume greases, fats, oils, proteins and carbohydrates.

Made in USA

Made in U.S.A.

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