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Biologically enhanced cleaning formula to naturally remove organic debris. Put beneficial bacteria to work cleaning a wide variety of hard surfaces including drains and many more surfaces.

  • Superior, high sheer cling gel (thickened formulation) for optimum adhesion within active floor drain systems.
  • Improves drain flow and safe for all drain lines.
  • Reduces foul odors in drains.

Areas of use: drains, toilets, holding tanks, grease traps, septic systems, and many others.

Mix 1:1 (water) and trigger spray. See full label for directions. Use this product in active drains, toilets, holding tanks, grease traps, septic systems, where higher level degradation is required. Bacteria split every 20 minutes and digest the organic debris that cause odors.

Please click HERE to download Bio Gel – Data Sheet.

Putting billions of microbes to work, and leaving behind a fresh clean scent, Bio-Gel® brand cleaning products contain non-pathogenic bacteria that consume greases, fats, oils, proteins and carbohydrates.

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