On-Top Pro ES

On-Top Pro ES

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On-Top Pro ES

When it comes to discreet systems, the On-Top Pro ES is head and shoulders above the rest! This unique, patented technology (US 8,245,438 B2) is designed to fit discreetly and easily into new or existing suspended-ceilings.

The On-Top Pro ES is ideal for use in supermarkets, fast food, offices, and convenience stores where wall space limitations may have previously made placing a wall mounted system difficult. The unique unit can be placed above aisles and will control infestations in public spaces as well as in the loft/ceiling areas where allowed. Patented design provides 360° protection and fits ceilings with 24” x 24” tiles.

The Dual voltage system utilizes two powerful 14-watt Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps lamps (28 watts) and one full-size PestWest glue board. Includes a 24” ‘T’cross bar for easy retrofit of 48” ceiling tiles. May have to be hard wired depending on city/county codes. Consult with a licensed electrician for details in your area.


Lamps: TUB14W471/130-000177

Power cords readily available from PestWest USA. More options are available. Cords are 6 feet long.

US Plug

American Standard (NEMA 5-15) – Also for Canada, Japan, Brazil, etc.

European Plug

European Standard (Schuko) – Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea

UK Plug

UK standard (BS1363 / A) – Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Singapor

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