Nemesis® CM (Corner Mount)

Nemesis® CM (Corner Mount)



80W Corner mounted Quantum power system

Versatile, yet compact, this low profile corner mounted system offers highly reliable and effective flying insect management for all areas where space is at a premium.

Two high-powered 40-watt (80-watts) Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps. Lamps are interchangable with other PestWest systems. The electronic ballast means lower operating costs and no starters to replace.

NOTE: insects must go through the electrocution grid before they reach the highly attractive UVA lamps. A feature (and benefit) not offered by other competitive models.

  • Corner mount design: wall or corner mounted
  • 2x40W 24” T12 (1½” ) Quantum Lamps: covers large open areas
  • FDA compliant FEP shatter resistant coating: protection in glass-free zones
  • The power grid is strategically positioned so that insects fly through the grid to get to the light. It is spring loaded for quick and easy cleaning and servicing
  • Door open shut-off safety switch: extra safety for servicing
  • Unique transformer & ballast: ultra low operational costs
  • “Grid-on” light: inspection at a distance
  • Catch tray: high capacity and easy to remove


Standard: TUB40W452/130-000145
Shatter resistant: TUB40W512/130-000146
Qty: 2

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