Mantis® Uplight


Mantis® Uplight

Mantis® Uplight

Wall sconce system for front-of-house areas

Attractive and stylish wall mounted unit: the perfect choice for public areas where flying insect management needs to be discreet e.g. restaurants and front-of-house. Disguised as a wall sconce with a full-size glue board, and a 15-watt Quantum lamp that is hidden from view. Front cover can be painted, wall papered, or decorated to match existing decor. Lamps are interchangeable with other PestWest systems.

  • Wall sconce design: out of sight and disguised as a wall light for use in all public areas.
  • The front cover can be painted, wrapped or decorated to match existing decor.
  • 1x15W 18” T8 Quantum Lamp, optimum performance.
  • Deflector: reduces wall surfaces from discoloring.
  • Fast & easy service: reduce labor costs.
  • Ideal in all public areas such as restaurants, deli’s, cafes, bakeries etc.
  • Available in 110v and 220v


We can wrap this light anyway you need, send your approved or licensed graphic, call us and we’ll do the rest

Please click HERE to download
Mantis® Uplight – Instructions for use.


Standard: TUB15W430/130-000160
Shatter resistant: TUB15W490/130-000171
Qty: 1
Original: BOACHA850/135-000047 (Black)
Universal: BOAMAN853/135-000070 (Black)
BOAMANWT/135-000064 (White)
Matrix: BOAMAN867/135-000063 (Gray)
Plastic: BOAMAN872/135-000048 (Black)
Qty required: 1 / Sold separately in pack of 6


When ordering a 220v system, not all plugs are the same. Please consult with a PestWest representative when ordering to ensure we enclose the right plug configuration for you.

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