Elegant, decorative table top fly light

Designed for front-of-house areas where fly control should be hidden from view, its elegant and decorative design conceals the glue board and the insects caught. Discreet, stylish and environmentally responsible, the Sunburst is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail shops.

  • Sunbursts are crafted with steel. Available in white, gray and black
  • 1x18W CFL lamp: energy effcient
  • Dual voltage ballast with IEC connection: suitable for 110v-220v environment, specify plug for 220v.

Please click HERE to download
Sunburst® – Instruction for use.


Standard: TUB18W521/130-000243
Shatter resistant: TUB18W522/130-000247
Qty: 1
White: BOASMI865/135-000049
Black: BOASMI855/135-000074
Translucent (plastic): 135-000179
Qty required: 1 / Sold separately in pack of 3

Power cords readily available from PestWest USA. More options are available. Cords are 6 feet long.

US Plug

American Standard (NEMA 5-15) – Also for Canada, Japan, Brazil, etc.

European Plug

European Standard (Schuko) – Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea

UK Plug

UK standard (BS1363 / A) – Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Singapore

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