Bed Bug Detection Kit

Bed Bug Detection Kit

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To maximize the benefit of this bed bug inspection system, it’s important to know what you’re looking at (and for). Proteins from undigested blood, caste skins and eggs will fluorese. Using the orange filter goggles in combination with the intensive 455 nm light, adds vivid contrast to your inspection.

This kit enables the user to add a new dimension to bed bug inspections to intensify the inspection process and making good use your time. The blue-light-emitting light sources used to visualize latent signs and other physical infestation evidence, it is necessary for the examiner to wear orange goggles which are included in the kit. Darken the room or area, shine the light at various surfaces where physical evidence might be found.

Document and collect the specimens. The blue LED flashlight is made of Aerospace-grade aluminum tempered Pyrex Lens; w/ Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized, Weight (with battery) 8.7 ounces with an estimated life of the batteries is 300 hours without a significant decrease in power output.

The estimated lifetime of the LEDs is about 11 years. The flashlight has been shock tested with a drop test of ten feet.

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