PestWest UV-A Meter

PestWest UV-A Meter


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UV lamps stop producing UV light long before their blue visible light declines.

The PestWest UV-A Meter is easy-to-use, enabling you to monitor the condition and quality of UV lamps in any electronic flying insect light system so that you get the best results.

  • The pocket size UV-A Meter is the perfect tool, Measuring ambient light first, then accurately measuring the UVA direct from your system.
  • Great for new accounts that have existing systems (who knows when the lamps were changed last?) and monitoring systems throughout the year

Standard UV lamps need to be changed annually. However, this may bemore frequent if exposed to sensitive areas or natural sunlight.

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PestWest UV-A Meter – Data Sheet.

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PestWest UV-A Meter – Instruction Manual.

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