Xignal Smart Sensors


Xignal Smart Sensors

Monitor and record pest activities 24/7/365 for optimal, real-time inspection and control. Automatically, you can monitor each control point.

Sensors communicate via LoRa network, sending daily “heart beat” messages. If there is a sensor change in status, a message will be sent to the Xignal server for processing of data, and communication with users.

Xignal mouse and rat traps communicate armed, unarmed, or catch status. Other sensors can communicate movement in an area, status of traps, or the position of a door (ajar or closed). For indoor and outdoor use, Xignal smart sensors are compatible with most bait box and live-trap brands (even under water with the IoT pole sensor and cable).

The Xignal system works immediately after activation. As standard, each sensor measures temperature. Trap battery life is 3- 5 years. Batteries are easy to replace for the cassette and IoT pole sensors.


For LoRa data communication from sensors, you can choose either a public commercial network provider (Comcast or Senet), or a private network with it’s own base station or TTN (install a LoRa gateway connected to the internet).


Managed in Microsoft Azure, the Xignal server is cloud-based, where all your sensor data is collected. With the Xignal app, you are advised of status changes, analysis, and reports. With ease-of-use, Xignal is an end-to-end solution of sensors to online portal.


Xignal sensors detect temperature, movement, and capture. Xignal traps communicate trap armed, trap unarmed, and trap catch.


With reliable LoRa technology, Xignal sensor communication is via your private or public network. Depending upon circumstances, LoRa has a range of 150 ft2 to 150,000 ft2.


With your free Xignal App and the Xignal online portal, you can monitor the status of all your sensors. 24/7/365 monitoring for temperature, movement, and capture. You can export data to your pest management software.


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