Nemesis® CM (Corner Mount)

Nemesis® CM (Corner Mount)

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Versatile, yet compact, this low profile corner mounted system offers highly reliable and effective flying insect management for all areas where space is at a premium.

Two high-powered 40-watt (80-watts) Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps. Lamps are interchangable with other PestWest systems. The electronic ballast means lower operating costs and no starters to replace.

NOTE: insects must go through the electrocution grid before they reach the highly attractive UVA lamps. A feature (and benefit) not offered by other competitive models.

  • Extra large strategically positioned power grid – insects must fly through the grid to get to the light
  • Removable spring-loaded power grid – quick and easy to clean and service


Lamps: TUB40W512/452

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