Chameleon® EXG

Chameleon® EXG


Chameleon® EXG

Protection in dust and gas explosive environments

  • For use in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, distilleries, dairies, flour and sugar mills, and many others.
  • Tested to be compliant with ATEX Directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC: suitable for use in Zones 22 & 21 (atmospheres with combustible dust or powder), Zones 2 and 1(atmospheres with flammable gases or vapors), IP66 rating.
  • Anti-corrosive construction: 304 brushed stainless steel, marine grade aluminum alloy, and a flameproof glass enclosure that prevents the transfer of a potential explosion to the surrounding area.
  • 2x18W 24” T8 (1”) Quantum Lamps: 180° coverage and optimum performance.
  • FDA compliant FEP shatter resistant coating: protection in glass-free zones
  • Adjustable glue board holders: allowing confined space placements as well as flexibility to move glue boards closer to the UVA light source
  • Automatic switch off-on opening mechanism: simple & safe service
  • Dual voltage ballast: suitable for 110v-220v environments
  • Should be installed by a qualified electrician for sensitive environments.


Shatter resistant: 130-000174
Qty: 2
Original: 135-000050 (Gray)
Qty required: 2 / Sold separately in pack of 6

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