Mantis® 4×4

Mantis® 4×4

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Mantis 4x4

Mantis® 4x4

Extra large capacity glue board (non-zap) system for open industrial areas which are not explosion-proof rated.

Ceiling-suspended with four 40-watt Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps (160-watts) backed by Reflectobakt® sleeves to increase attractiveness to insects. Advanced electronic ballast for lower running costs.

  • 4x40W 24” T12 (1½”) Quantum Lamps: 360° coverage and maximum performance
  • FDA compliant FEP shatter resistant coating: Protection in glass-free zones
  • Patented Reflectobakt® sleeve: extends the glue board life
  • Industrial double-sided glue board: provides 926sq. inch of protection
  • Electronic ballast: energy efficient
  • Not explosion proof rated


Standard: TUB40W452/130-000145
Shatter resistant: TUB40W512/130-000146
Qty: 4
Original: BOA4X4881/135-000053 (Double sided)
Qty required: 1 / Sold separately in pack of 6

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