Mantis® 1X2IP

Mantis® 1X2IP

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Mantis® 1X2IP

The NEW Mantis® 1X2IP flying insect management system is quality engineered for steam-cleaned, hosed-down, damp, and corrosive environments (such as dairies, food processing facilities, cruise ships and industrial kitchens).

  • Engineered for specialty environments, the Mantis® 1x2IP is fully tested and approved to an IP66 rating (EN60529:1992). No ingress of dust and protected against powerfully jetting water.
  • The system is constructed with professional grade stainless steel for long life, unrivaled durability, and superior corrosion resistance.
  • Two powerful PestWest 15 – Watt Quantum BL shatter-resistant LEAD-FREE lamps for optimum flying insect attraction. For accurate system placement, be sure to use the exclusive PestWest UV-AMETER.
  • High quality, large surface area, and water-resistant plastic glue board to assure capture of all size of flying insects.
  • For quick servicing, no tools are required for access to the glue board, Quantum lamps or starters.
  • Patented Reflectobakt® sleeve technology for extended glue board life and optimum flying insect attraction.
  • Available in both 110v and 220v
  • Hard wiring required – consult a certified electrician for installation.


Lamps: TUB15W490 (shatter resistant)
Glue boards: BOAMAN872 (premium plastic)

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