Mantis® 4×4 EX

Mantis® 4×4 EX

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Mantis 4x4 EX

Mantis® 4x4 EX

Extra large capacity glue board (non-zap) system for use in areas where potential for explosion from dust or powders exists e.g. sugar processing factories and flour areas. The Mantis 4x4EX system meets all FDA, USDA and European Food and Safety Legislation requirements. The Mantis 4x4EX is unique, it satisfies the requirements of UL 1559 and has European safety standard EN60335-2-59 for insect control equipment.

Additionally it carries an IP65 rating and has been independently tested for compliance to Euro-norm PREN 50281-1-1 for potentially explosive atmospheres and satisfies all current EMC standards and NEC Division Code Class II, Division II. The Mantis 4X4EX is also suitable for Zone 22 areas, satisfying EN 50014:1994. In bulk handling areas, this system is ideal for safety and efficacy, trapping even the smallest insects. The suspended system has four powerful 40-watt Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps coated with a fluoropolymer (160-watts) backed by Reflectobakt® sleeves to increase attractiveness to insects and extends glue board life. Advanced electronic ballast system reduces the running costs and helps to increase the efficiency. Hard wiring required – consult a certified electrician for installation.

Double-sided glue board provides over 926 square inches of protection.


Lamps: TUB40W512
Glueboards: BOA4X4880

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