Glue Boards and Reflectobakt® Sleeves


Over the years, the industry has used black as a standard color for their boards to conceal the catch. However as pest management evolved into a more sophisticated science the needs have changed and so have the board matrix types.

Add the small Demi-Diamond Indian meal moth or clothes moth pheromone sticky boards onto any PestWest ILT board for a multifunctional trapping system.

The effectiveness of the PestWest professional insect light traps are greatly increased due to two main features:

  • Classic premium glue boards offer some of the largest catch surface areas in the marketplace, enabling a greater catch per board while combining the versatility of a board that can be easily adjusted to fit the desired system
  • The glue boards are positioned so that they sit closer to the UV tube than other models, providing a more rapid catch and an exceptionally slimmer system
  • Universal glue boards 60-day (unless filled with insects) are available in black (BOAMAN853) or white (BOAMANWT) and fit a wide variety of insect light traps in the market. See enclosed cross reference chart for complete reference.
  • Gray grid matrix glue boards product code: BOAMAN867 for easy insect counting and monitoring. Boards can be retained to provide an accurate record for HACCP audits
  • Premium plastic glue boards BOAMAN872 (plastic) glue boards inhibit mold and ideal for high moisture areas
  • Extra large, 926 square inch (23 3/4″ x 19 1/2″ x 2-sided) glue boards (BOA4X4880) for the Mantis 4×4 system for extra protection

Thin designs and longer lasting glue boards are made possible thanks to the Reflectobakt® sleeve available in (1″) and T12 (1 1/2″). This sleeve shields the full-sized glue board from the drying effect of the UV light, thus making the systems more effective for longer periods of time.

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Universal, Sunburst, Naturale & Window Wonder glue boards – Safety Data Sheet.

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Classic Premium Glue Board – Safety Data Sheet.

Helpful Hint

To get versatility out of our traps, use a Demi-Diamond pheromone glue board on top of the Mantis glue boards. You don’t lose any capture surface area AND you add value and have a multifunctional trap! See the Demi Diamond section on page 16 for details.