Replacement Lamps for Insect Light Systems



  • Ultimate performance – maximum attraction 40% more powerful and 100% more effective than standard BL 350 UV lamps
  • Maximum output and minimum reduction in UVA light output over two years
  • Our coating will not discolor, melt or flake throughout the life of the tube
  • Maximum UV transmission for better attraction performance and reduced light loss
  • Quantum lamps are 100% lead free
  1. Make sure the power to the trap is switched off
  2. Grasp and rotate the fluorescent lamp 90°
  3. The lamp may then be withdrawn bygentlysliding out of the lamp holders. Place the lamp gently out of the way, where it cannot roll or be damaged.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 if the traphas more than one lamp.
  5. To install the new lamp, line its prongs up with the slots in either socket. Push the lampinto the sockets, and then rotate it 90 degrees until you feel it lock into place.Repeat this step if more than one lamp.
  6. Switch the power to the trap back onto ensure they are working properly.

(Hg) – Lamp contains mercury (Hg), Manage in Accord with Disposal Laws.Consult or 1-800 922 6693


Please click HERE to download
Quantum Lamp – Safety Data Sheet

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BL 350 36 watt Shatter Resistant Lamp Coating
– Safety Data Sheet

PestWest believes that we owe it to our customers to supply them with the best.

We use the highest quality shatter resistant material for your protection and maximum insect attraction.

Always ensure that you lamps are at room temperature at start-up. Fluorescent lamps left in cold environments take longer to start.