Ultimate, no-compromise flying insect management for the strictest standards in the industry.

  • Unique transformer – reduces shattering of insects
  • Tool-free guard opening – for easy service
  • ‘Power-on’ and ‘grid-on’ warning lights – inspection at a distance
  • Catch tray with draft deflector – keeps dead insects within the system
  • Spring-loaded electrocution grid – easy cleaning
  • Wrap around guard – 360 degree protection
  • Low mercury (Hg), lead free, long life Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction
  • Choice of mounting option for ease of placement
  • 3-year PestWest warranty (excludes lamps)
  • Maintenance shut off switch for user safety
  • For use in non-food production areas where high populations of insects are present
  • Built in safety switch in the front grill. Turns the system off if opened
  • Smaller footprint with more energy compared to other competitors

Helpful Hint

There’s still plenty of places that should install insect electrocuting systems. While never install over or near a food preparation area, these would include any and all facilities whom have insect light traps (glue board systems) that regularly fill up the board with insects. This means the population is too high to use a board system alone. One (non-chemical) method is to install Insect Electrocutors to adequately manage the adult population density.

PestWest products are significant parts of several Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) accreditation programs. Contact us for details.

It isn’t magic that brings excellence to a company; excellence is the result of commitment and hard work by dedicated and experienced people. Whether we’re talking about products or processes, no wizardry or easy formulas will solve the challenges of tomorrow, our people will.

PestWest cares about its employees and customers and understand that both are the foundation of success.

We appreciate your continued support!

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