High quality systems utilizing advanced glue board technology in ULTRA slim-line designs.

  • Shatter Resistant Quantum BL lamps for maximum attraction and safety in glass-free zones.
  • Shatter Resistant coating on the Quantum BL Lamps that is guaranteed to not drip, melt, or burn.
  • Large full-size glue boards are conveniently interchangable with the Mantis range. One glue board fits all open systems. Specialty UV resistant glues capture the smallest to large insects intact for easy identification.
  • Glue Board options include; Classic premium full size (black), 60-day Universal boards (in discreet black or High Definition [HD] white) that also fit competitors traps, Gray Matrix boards for sensitive accounts and density counts or HACCP audits, recyclable premium plastic boards retards mold for high moisture areas and extra long life. See also page 12 & 13 for more information.
  • All PestWest systems are manufactured with long-lasting low mercury (Hg), lead-free, Quantum BL lamps uniquely designed for maximum efficacy.
  • Stainless steel products are perfect for sensitive areas such as; food handling, processing and medical facilities.
  • Easy to remove bottom tray and drop down front chrome guard for no tool quick and easy service
  • Patented Reflectobakt sleeves for maximum catch and increased attractiveness to insects. Significantly slows the drying of the glue board
  • All metal construction means longer lasting systems for years of reliable service

PestWest products are significant parts of several Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) accreditation programs. Contact us for details.

It isn’t magic that brings excellence to a company; excellence is the result of commitment and hard work by dedicated and experienced people. Whether we’re talking about products or processes, no wizardry or easy formulas will solve the challenges of tomorrow, our people will.

PestWest cares about its employees and customers and understand that both are the foundation of success.

We appreciate your continued support!

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