Quantum for Quality Assurance

Quantum for Quality Assurance

Quantum for Quality Assurance

(By Dr. Stuart Mitchell)  

Quantum for Quality Assurance With insect light traps and electric fly killer systems, protecting sensitive spaces from flying insects and their contamination is a function of persistent and correct UVA frequency light emission as well as line of sight to the system(s). PestWest’s exclusive Quantum lamps provide quality assurance for both of these critical functions.

Quantum BL lamp water based phosphor technology assures persistent UVA through drastically reduced degradation of UVA over time. Quantum lamps provide a 40% increase in output over standard BL 350 UVA Lamps. Water based phosphor technology concentrates energy distribution correctly at 365 nanometers of UVA light frequency. Scientific research demonstrates that this frequency is a 100% improvement in flying insect attraction.

Quantum BL shatter resistant lamps are quality coated with an FEP fluoropolymer. This coating assures persistent UVA through reduction of both the potential for lamp breakage and contamination from glass. Additionally, correct UVA frequency of light is assured as FEP coating allows >94% UVA emission from the lamp.

  • Quantum lamps are 100% Lead-free and very low in Mercury
  • Quantum FEP coating will not discolor, melt, or flake over the service life of the lamp
  • Maximum UVA output over time
  • Persistent and correct UVA frequency light emission for maximum line of sight and resultant flying insect attraction

UV light is invisible to the human eye. You cannot determine the efficacy of a UVA lamp by looking at it. Never look directly at energized UVA lamps. Always shut off flying insect management systems before servicing.

Intuitive ILT and EFK deployments are dependent upon the assessment of both ambient and UVA light. Additionally, persistent and correct UVA frequency light emission must be assured during service intervals. PestWest’s exclusive UV-AMETER allows one to conduct both an ambient and UVA light assessment survey for optimum system placement as well as determine UVA light persistence and correctness during service intervals (replace lamps or not).

Quantum for Quality Assurance

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PestWest Newsletter 411 - Issue 25

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