Spring Cleaning for Overlooked Areas

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to clean those often-hidden areas such as drains, dumpsters, and floors.

Filthy floor drains and disgusting dumpsters can result in food contamination, while greasy floors can result in slips and falls.

Bleach and harsh chemicals are corrosive to your drain lines and damaging to the environment. Those filthy areas can be effectively cleaned with an environmentally friendly cleaner. Non-pathogenic bacterial blend cleaner can effectively eliminate fats, oils, greases, proteins, and sugars that build-up within drains. Such as, Bio-Gel offered by PestWest. It is a thickened liquid, clinging to all surfaces of filthy floor drains, which assures a thorough cleaning. It’s ready to use or can be mixed with water and routinely applied to drains with a spray bottle and low-pressure hand sprayer. Bio-Gel leaves a clean, fresh citrus scent.

In the Bio-Gel range, there are also DumpsterGuard digests disgusting dumpster organic build-ups while eliminating offensive malodors, which keeps clients, customers, and neighbors happy. It can be applied to trash containers, recycle bins, grimy grease traps, and dumpster enclosure surfaces DumpsterGuard is ready to use or can be mixed with water and routinely applied with a low-pressure hand sprayer.

Bio-Gel Pro Kleen is the perfect mop additive, it eliminates organic wastes and grease build-ups on floors, which reduces the chances of slips and falls. It keeps expensive mop heads clean, and deodorizes with a clean, fresh citrus scent. Bio-Gel Pro Kleen is ready to use or can be mixed with water and routinely applied to floors with a low-pressure hand sprayer or in mop water. Pour mop water dilutions down various drains to enhance drain cleaning.

Click here to order and start your Spring cleaning! Read product directions before use. For best results, apply daily for 2 weeks, and then weekly applications.

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