When do you need to replace fly trap bulbs?

Do you know that you cannot determine when to replace the bulbs in your fly traps by either light brightness or color?

• The fly-attracting ultraviolet light lessons with use.

• Turning fly lights on and off results in faster loss of bulb attraction. Fly lights should operate continuously for maximum attraction of flying insects.

Fly trap bulbs less than one-year-old are most attractive to flying insects. For your fly traps, PestWest Quantum bulbs provide continuous maximum attraction of flying insects for 8760 hours or 1 year. Therefore, you need to replace fly trap bulbs every 12 months or in the spring (March), which is the beginning of flying insect season.

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PestWest offers a complete range of replacement bulbs for your existing fly traps. To determine which bulbs for your fly traps, click our lamp conversion chart.

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